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Morning Buzz: September 28

Posted at 10:33 AM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 10:33:17-04

1. Metro Health University of Michigan Health is going through a name change. The health organization will officially be known by University of Michigan Health-West.

The name change was announced earlier this year. They wanted to keep University of Michigan in the title, but emphasize its focus on West Michigan.

The logo will change gradually, with new lab coats and signs being updated into 2022.

2. The Red Cross once again needs more people to donate blood and platelets. In fact, they're calling it an emergency as the inventory is at its lowest level since 2015.

The Red Cross says several factors have played a role. People have delayed giving as they've returned to work and in-person learning, plus the recent increase in COVID-19 cases hasn't helped.

They say when cases spiked last month, donor participation dropped about 10-percent. The Red Cross needs 10,000 blood products each week over the next month in order to recover.

There are incentives for people who make an appointment. To sign up or find a blood drive near you, visit

3. Give those feet a rest and take in the sites by trolley in Grand Haven.

One of the most iconic attractions in Grand Haven is expanding. The Harbor Transit Trolley is adding two more to its fleet.

The trolleys were built in Wisconsin and Illinois and will cross Lake Michigan on the S.S. Badger sometime in October.

The company says they've had to deal with several repairs to the old trolley this past summer because of its age.

Harbor Transit is now asking for input on routes for next summer, and names. Vote on the names online now through October 1.

4. The City of Grand Rapids has a new sister city: Gangnam Gu in South Korea.

City officials celebrated the approval of the agreement during a signing ceremony at Studio Park on Monday.

Gangnam Gu is one of the 25 autonomous districts within the city of Seoul. Despite being 6500 miles apart, there are several similarities.

Major industries include entertainment and health care, the furniture industry helped spur early development, and there's even an event called ArtPrize Gangnam.

This is the sixth sister city for Grand Rapids since the program began in 1986.

5. From rapper to restauranteur, Eminem is opening Mom's Spaghetti restaurant in Detroit this week.

The restaurant is located in downtown Detroit on Woodward Avenue.

Back in 2017, Eminem introduced the concept as a pop-up, but it ended up being very successful that it's now becoming a permanent part of the city.

The food consists of only spaghetti, meatballs, and the Sghetti Sandwich. The menu may be limited, but the food is handmade specially for the restaurant.