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Meet Elexia, a McDonald's Black History Maker of Today

Ottawa Hills student awarded $1,000 scholarship for leadership
Posted at 10:45 AM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 10:45:17-05

February is Black History Month, a time to honor the great strides, sacrifices, and achievements of those who've left their mark in history. However it's not only about celebrating the past, it's about celebrating the present and future.

McDonald's Black History Makers of Today campaign is recognizing and honoring 25 black high school seniors in Michigan, awarding them with an impressive college scholarship.

These students uplift their peers and show great leadership skills, earning a $1,000 scholarship from McDonald's owners and operators to further their education. Four students awarded this scholarship are from West Michigan, and the Fox 17 Morning Mix got to interview one of the recipients, Elexia Collins from Ottawa Hills High School.

When Elexia learned she won the scholarship, she was in shock. When her senior advisor told her about her winning the scholarship, she gave him a big hug!

"I really appreciate [McDonald's] giving me this opportunity," Elexia said. Just know I have been focused on school for the past four years and everything is coming together, so I really appreciate you guys."

Elexia feels that she has a lot of friends who follow her lead. "I love to show other people and demonstrate that you can do it as well. I really enjoy that I can do this for others including myself."

She currently works and enjoys the advanced culinary arts program at Kent Career Technical Center.

McDonald's manager Jessica Tran commented, "We are very proud to recognize [students] and on top of that, they are being recognized for a dedication of strengthening their culture while their inviting others to learn about their culture."

After Elexia graduates high school, she's going to Tennessee State University to study business administration and become a business executive.

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