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Wayfinder volunteers needed at Spectrum Health

Posted at 10:57 AM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 10:57:24-04

People don’t always think about health care when they think about volunteer options around the community, but volunteers are really needed in a variety of roles.  Spectrum Health has a specific need for volunteers to help with wayfinding for patients and families.

Kim Francis, manager of Volunteer Services at Spectrum Health and David Wait, a long-time volunteer at Spectrum health Butterworth Hospital, explain what a wayfinder is, and share their experiences.

A wayfinder is being a warm smiling helpful person who helps patients and visitors get to their destination. They also any questions that hospital guests might have about room locations, places to eat in the city, and other helpful topics.

People come to the hospital often under stressful situations and often from far distances and we need those warm friendly volunteers from our community to help us make patients and visitors feel at home and reduce their worries. Wayfinders can help reduce that stress by being a personal guide to Grand Rapids and the hospital.

Volunteering isn't just limited to wayfinding, they also need volunteers for other area regional hospitals, hospice, home care, rehab and nursing centers.

To sign up to be a wayfinder, or discover other volunteer opportunities, visit or call (616)-391-8194.