Crews to put up fencing where sandbag killed man in car

Posted at 3:52 AM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 03:52:22-05

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Crews will begin putting up temporary fencing at an overpass in Ohio where a Michigan man was killed when a teenager tossed a sandbag onto the freeway.

Ohio’s Department of Transportation announced earlier this month that it now will require fencing at some overpass construction sites.

Workers on Monday are expected to close down a ramp on Interstate 75 in Toledo so that they can begin putting up the temporary fencing.

This past week, a 13-year-old boy acknowledged in court that he tossed the sandbag and pleaded guilty in juvenile court to murder and felonious assault charges.

The boy was one of four teenagers accused of throwing rocks and sandbags.

One of the sandbags smashed through a car windshield and killed 22-year-old Marquise Byrd of Warren, Michigan, in December.