Air Mattress Rage – Man allegedly assaults Walmart employee

Posted at 3:38 PM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-22 15:38:54-05

Swatara Township, Penn. (WPMT) — A man allegedly enraged over Walmart not having any air mattresses is accused of beating on the employee that told him they were out of stock.

It happened at 6:30pm on January 9th at the Walmart located at 6535 Grayson Rd. The victim was working in the sporting goods section of the store. A man approached and asked for an air mattress.

The employee checked on their availability and when he returned with the news that the store was out of them, the customer reportedly flew into a rage, tackling the employee to the ground and punching him about the head.

The employee says he did nothing to provoke the attack, other than tell the man there were no air mattresses to be had. The suspect left the store before police arrived.

But, police say he was caught on surveillance cameras and they were able to track him down using the license plate on the car he drove away from the Walmart. On January 14th, police saw the suspect’s vehicle and pulled it over on Paxton St.

Police say the driver, Robert Edward Sheridan, looked like the same man in the surveillance video that carried out the attack on the employee. He was also wearing the same outfit the suspect was wearing during the assault.

Sheridan denied attacking the employee or even being at Walmart. He told police he has “many twins.”