Snow plow business owner apologizes after ‘no-show’ complaints

Posted at 10:40 PM, Jan 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-02 22:41:45-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- With a lot of snow on the ground and more on the way, having a plowed driveway is essential in West Michigan. But several customers contacted FOX 17 News saying the company ProScape Lawn & Snow has not been fulfilling their snow removal obligations.

The owner of that company says they've had some bad luck in recent weeks and had to fire one of their drivers. They apologize for not being able to plow all of their customers' driveways and will do everything they can to make things right.

“We thought that prior to the first snow that we were geared up with both drivers and equipment to more than adequately service the customers,” says David Teachout, Owner of Proscape Lawn & Snow. “Unfortunately we are not able to provide the snow removal service that we promised and we apologize.”​

Teachout says he and his wife started the company last year and that they are sorry for not being able to return everyone's phone calls or emails, but that they've simply been overwhelmed.

“Our inability to efficiently communicate has by far been our biggest mistake,” says Teachout. “If we could go back 14 days, one thing we would do differently is make sure and answer every one of those phone calls no matter what time of day.”

ProScape Lawn and Snow says they are working with the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan to get things back on the right track. They are in the process of making refunds and plowing driveways.

“We do sincerely apologize, we fell short and will do everything we can to provide a solution,” says Teachout.

The BBB recommends customers always get two quotes from businesses, and to always call them if you have any questions. ​