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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for October 31

Posted at 10:36 AM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 10:36:27-04

1. Governor Rick Snyder signed new legislation allowing electric bikes on roads and trails across Michigan.

Under current law, e-bikes are treated the same as a moped, requiring licensing and insurance.

Now, certain e-bikes will be allowed on paved multi-use trails, unless local communities opt out. Other electric bikes will be allowed if the authority with jurisdiction over the trail allows them.

Snyder says the bills, which take effect in 90 days, will help bicyclists "experience the beauty of Pure Michigan in a new, exciting way."

2. Dozens of restaurants will once again take part in the 3rd annual Cocktail Week Grand Rapids.

It's going on from November 8 through 19, and more than 40 local places are participating. These restaurants include Bistro Bella Vita, Grand Rapids Brewing Company, and the Green Well.

People can get two cocktails with a shared appetizer for $25, and there will be several events to check out, including the Wine, Beer, and Food Festival from November 16 through 18.

3. Samuel Adams just released a $200 beer called Utopias.

The brewer suggests just tasting an ounce at a time, because it has an alcohol content of 28 percent!

The taste is less like a traditional beer, and more like a fine liquor, with a sweetness like a port or cognac and a smooth, almost buttery, malt-filled finish.

Just 13,000 bottles of it will be distributed throughout the U.S., but not everyone will have the chance to try it. The beer won't be available in 12 states due to it's sky high alcohol content, however it'll be here in Michigan.

4. There was a rock group back in the day called Smashing Pumpkins, perhaps they were the inspiration behind these elephants.

Check out the video at the beginning of this article from the Oregon Zoo showing elephants smashing giant pumpkins. It was all part of their annual kickoff to the zoo's Halloween celebration.

Those pumpkins they are stomping on weighed in at 1,000 pounds each.

Also last week, the zoo posted to its Facebook page a video that showed river otters, giraffes and black bears digging into their own pumpkin treats as well.

5. Safety is a big concern for parents every Halloween, and this year there's an app that can keep parents connected to the neighborhood to help put minds at ease called "Next-Door."

It allows parents to securely connect with the neighborhood all year for a number of different things. For Halloween app users, they can add a candy corn to mark their house as a safe spot for trick or treaters.

It also works with local law enforcement to keep everyone informed. If parents are going out in Grand Rapids tonight, be on the lookout for police cruisers because they'll be passing out candy.