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T.V. Chef Robert Irvine: Technology is key create a thriving business

Posted at 12:30 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 12:30:06-04

Local businesses are what keeps the economy thriving, however there are sad moments when a local business shuts down because they can't keep up with their competitors. So what can local business owners do to keep their business thriving?

Famous chef and T.V. personality Robert Irvine recently came to Grand Rapids to educate local business owners on how to run a successful business with the help of technology.

According to Irvine, whether they're a doctor, a baker, or a restaurant owner, the key to running a successful business is technology. Every business has something to show off or a product that people are interested in, so technology is a way to show hundreds of people what a business has to offer.

Sometimes business owners are faced with a digital roadblock because they don't understand how the technology will impact their business. However Chef Irvine says that fear shouldn't stop business owners from trying something new.

"The older generation of business owners are afraid of technology, and they don't understand what effect it has on their business," Irvine said. "Everyone wants to know what they're doing n the social media atmosphere with selfies and food pictures. If we're not using that to our advantage and our business, somebody else is going to come along and take that spot."

There are business owners that are successful and find that they do things one way and it works for them, however Irvine says that if they don't incorporate modern technology with their business they won't last very long in the industry. Technology and social media could be the difference between a business lasting a couple years versus 25 years.

"If you're doing it the old way, you may be gone," Irvine said. "We are a nation of 'we want it now, we want it fast, and I don't want to wait,' and that's where we are."

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