A break from the snow for Christmas weekend

Posted at 6:23 AM, Dec 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-24 09:35:11-05

WEST MICHIGAN — After a slushy, wet snow last night, we’ll have a chance to clean it up today with no precipitation expected and relatively mild temperatures for this time of year. A weak cold front (almost more like a mere wind shift line since the cold air is so limited behind it) has cleared the area and pushed last night’s snow and rain to the east of us. Here’s a look at where that front is as of this early morning writing:


You might note that there is a second cold front just west of Lake Superior. Although there IS a good deal of colder air behind it, this front isn’t expected to make it here as it will be cut off by an approaching and strengthening area of low pressure that’s now sitting over the Texas panhandle.

This low pressure system will drag a warm front into the area on Christmas night, with a good chance of rain and even a little snow or sleet mixed in at first. But until then, we’re just expecting mostly cloudy skies today and tomorrow. Here’s a look at Future Track HD this afternoon:


Here’s a look at Future Track HD on Christmas afternoon. As you can see, we’re still dry:


That low pressure system and attendant warm front will bring a mix of rain and snow becoming all rain Christmas Night into Monday morning:


We’ll have to deal with rain, wind, and dense fog through the day on Monday. However, temperatures will be very mild for this time of year with highs around 50°. A cold front will drop through the area as that low moves to the northeast on Monday night. Behind this cold front, we expect more seasonable temperatures for the rest of the workweek.