Measurable snowfall expected next week

Posted at 10:05 AM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 10:05:25-05

WEST MICHIGAN-  We’ve had a few close brushes with measurable snowfall so far this season, with a few locations picking up a couple of inches.  But there still hasn’t been that “one storm” that provides snow for everyone in our area.


One of the biggest issues with our lack of snow this year has been the lack of really cold air.  How many times have I said “rain/snow mix” over the course of the last few weeks?  It seems like a lot, because a lot of the time, we’ve just missed the colder air and of course, the snow.  We look to Canada right now, because a colder air mass is developing, and it looks to impact us by midweek next week.

As this storm system develops, I want you to note the direction of the winds.  They’re out of the west and northwest, coming off of the lake.  This will start up our lake effect snow yet again.



The timing of this storm is still uncertain this far out.  Right now it looks as if this storm will arrive Wednesday and start as rain, but then move to snow throughout the day.  This transition will determine the amount of snow we receive, as will the track of the storm.  For this reason, amounts aren’t going to be thrown out there.  I would still expect something that you’ll need to shovel, though, especially as temperatures are projected to be much colder.  We’ll continue to update you as the information changes.