Anti-Trump demonstrations hit second day; Portland police say protest is ‘riot’

Posted at 4:54 AM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 04:54:40-05

(CNN) — Americans protesting Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election took to the streets for a second night of demonstrations and vigils in several US cities.

Rallies heated up in Portland, Oregon, where police publicly declared a “riot” due to “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior” and are calling the protest “unlawful” in tweets on the police department’s Twitter page.

“After several orders to disperse, police have used less lethal munitions to effect arrests and move the crowd,” another tweet added.

Police tweeted that projectiles had been thrown at officers, and cars had been damaged.

Protests and marches continued in other US cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Dallas and Oakland, California.

Trump took to Twitter to call the demonstrations that first developed on Wednesday “very unfair.”

The mood in the streets where protesters marched was as varied as the locations.

Most of the demonstrations were peaceful, if not tense and somber.

In Philadelphia, protester Deb Bentzel said that “as a woman and someone who believes all people, regardless of their race, religion or citizenship status should be supported and embraced by this country,” she marched to reject “the racism, hate, misogyny and fear that this man (Trump) projects and fosters in others.”

In Minneapolis, protester Lauren Peck shared similar sentiments as she gathered with others at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, named for the late US senator and Vice President Hubert Humphrey, at the University of Minnesosta.

“I feel it’s important to voice that I have serious concerns about this President-elect and the racism, sexism, xenophobia and so much more that does not represent me or so many in my life. The mood here is peaceful, positive and energetic,” Peck said.

‘Trump’s presidency must be opposed’

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore also joined the pack of protesters outside of Trump Tower in New York this week.

“I was very proud of the fact that so many people came out because his presidency needs to be opposed right now,” Moore told Don Lemon on CNN Tonight Thursday.

“Literally thousands of people coming down the street and I just joined them,” Moore said. “There’s a lot of fear and a lot of panic amongst a lot of people right now.”