2 escape from ‘suspicious’ fire in Ottawa County, confirm son is okay using phone GPS

Posted at 5:23 AM, May 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-08 05:23:35-04

GRAND HAVEN TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Two people managed to escape from what officials are saying is a suspicious fire at their mobile home early Friday morning, thanks to a neighbor pounding on the door.  They didn’t know their son was safe, until confirming it with his phone’s GPS.

It started at around 3:00 a.m. at a home on Trillium Circle in Grand Haven Township.  Two people were inside sleeping, oblivious to the fact that their home was on fire.  Thankfully, a neighbor noticed the flames and knocked on the door.  They made it out safely, but didn’t know if their son was inside or not.  As crews arrived to start fighting the fire, the residents were able to locate their son at a nearby house using phone GPS systems.

We talked to the homeowners at the scene, and they say there was nothing flammable in the rear of the home, where the fire started.  Investigators are treating it as suspicious at this time, but no other information is available.