Shocking new details in 9-year-old stabbing death

Posted at 11:03 PM, Aug 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-08 23:03:02-04

Kentwood, Mich.--The 24-page petition of Jamarion Lawhorn reveals many disturbing details about the case. Lawhorn didn't even know Michael Connor Verkerke, and still inflicted 4 stab wounds and one laceration to his left arm from an 8-inch kitchen knife.

"It just made me wonder what could two young children possibly have that big of a conflict about?" said Adam Zachow who lives across the street from the Verkerkes.

Zachow' children would play with Connor regularly. Zachow asking the same question many others are pondering, and the new petition isn't providing answers that make any sense to neighbors.

According to the petition, Lawhorn  told ambulance crews he took Connors life because, "he had been planning something like this for almost a year, and that he wanted to take someone with him when he killed himself."

Lawhorn's suicidal thoughts were something that became apparent to witnesses like Glen Stacy, who let Jamarion use his phone that day to call the police.

"He asked to use a cell phone because he didn't have one on him. He approached my house. I assumed he was calling his mother, and low and behold he was calling 911 to say, 'I say I stabbed someone come pick me up and I want to end my life,'" said Stacy.

Jamarion had a plan to end his own life by taking someone else's. He said, "he wanted to die and thought if he were arrested he would be put on the electric chair or given lethal injections because he saw it on TV."

Stacy saw this first hand when the police rushed past Lawhorn to get to the scene where the 9-year-old was fighting for his life.

"I stayed over with him and he's yelling come pick me up I'm right here! Hurry up," said Stacy.

Police state that when they came over to talk to Jamarion, he exclaimed "Finally!" Jamarion then gestured by putting his wrists up as to motion to be handcuffed.

In all the interviews that Jamarion had with police they say he remained stone-faced with little remorse for what he had done. Authorities recall a single tear after his mom had told him he would be going away for a long time for what he had done. However, the officer said shortly after his mother left the room he went back to showing no expression. He told authorities he did it because he wanted to go to jail.

Neighbors and friends say this senseless act leaves memories on this playground that were once happy and fun, but now are tainted forever.

Lawhorn's mother was asked if he had show violent acts in the past. She said nothing that raised any red flags. Then she mentioned as a child  he lit things on fire including her bed.

Jamarion also stated he was made fun of a lot being called quote "black" and "dumb" by other children.

Lawhorn is being charged as an adult in juvenile court for open murder and is expect to be back in court Monday.