5 Things to know for Thursday, August 7

Posted at 9:11 AM, Aug 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-07 09:10:54-04

The top 5 stories FOX 17 is covering this Thursday:

1. Families of 9-year-old stabbing victim and 12-year-old suspect speak out

Victim: Michael Connor Verkerke

Victim: Michael Connor Verkerke

Suspect: Jamarion Lawhorn

Suspect: Jamarion Lawhorn

Days after 9-year-old Connor Verkerke was stabbed and killed at a Kentwood playground, his great uncle and great grandmother spoke publicly about the incident. The boy’s uncle, Jim Stearns, said that Connor always put family first, and that one of his last words, spoken to his brother, were “I’ll always love you.” Family of the suspect, Jamarion Lawhorn, 12, also spoke publicly. Lawhorn has a half-brother, whose mother, Ashley Flint, said Lawhorn spent years trying to escape bullies, and that he was a polite child. Read more: Last words from 9-year-old murder victim: ‘I’ll always love you’; Great grandmother: Connor was just full of love; and Mother of 12-year-old murder suspects brother speaks out

utah time lapse landslide2. Time-lapse video captured of landslide in Utah

A landslide made its way through north Salt Lake City on Aug. 5 and a time-lapse video has captured its movement. The slide destroyed fences, trees, and a home in the neighborhood. Neighbors told a local station that the family living in the home had finally gotten together after dealing with immigration issues. Read more: Time lapse video of landslide

3. CDC issues highest warning possible concerning Ebola outbreak

Tebola doctor meeting with patienthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued the highest state of alert as the death toll from the Ebola virus continues to grow. In addition, the World Health Organization will decide if the outbreak should be considered an international crisis. On Aug. 6, 932 deaths were reported, and Saudi Arabia joined the list of countries with suspected cases. In the United States, two patients who were in Liberia are being treated in Atlanta. Read more: Ebola death toll rises

4. Two hurricanes head for Hawaiihawaii hurricane preps

Residents in Hawaii are preparing for two cyclones to hit, which is a rare occurrence for the islands. Hurricane Iselle is expected to make landfall on the Big Island Thursday night, and Hurricane Julio, while less threatening, is expected to hit a few days later, and possibly brush the islands as a tropical storm. On Aug. 6, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu issued a warning for Hawaii County. Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie also signed an emergency proclamation to give the government access to the state’s disaster funds. Read more: Hawaii preps for rare cyclones

5. VIZIO issues recall for television sets

 VIZIO has recalled specific models of television sets because of a fault tvizio televisionhat could cause them to tip over and break. About 245,000 products have been impacted and VIZIO has received 51 reports of the recalled televisions tipping over. No injuries have been reported. Read more: Recalled for repairs: VIZIO flat panel televisions