Township of Kalamazoo: Police and Fire Departments Are Asking For The Public’s Help

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jan 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-06 16:51:33-05



KALAMAZOO TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Due to the severe winter weather we are currently experiencing, the Kalamazoo Township Fire and Police Departments are requesting citizens assist them in being able to provide emergency service by doing the following: 

  • By clearing snow from around fire hydrants near your home or business, you save firefighters valuable time in the critical early stages of a fire
  • Be sure your home or business address numbers are visible to first responders
  • Many Township residential streets remain in need of plowing.  As the Kalamazoo County Road Commission attempts to clear them, they report being hindered by trash containers and parked vehicles hidden under the snow.  To help the Road Commission with this vital work, they request that you temporarily remove trash containers from the roadside.  (Republic reports they are running one day behind in their collections.)  If you can move your vehicle from the street to your driveway, please do so.  If you cannot, please clean snow off the upper portion of your vehicle to increase the chance snow plow drivers will see it.

The men and women of the Kalamazoo Township Fire and Police Department appreciate your assistance during these difficult weather conditions.