More Details Released In Kalamazoo-BC Airport Director Investigation

Posted at 11:05 PM, Sep 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-01 10:51:58-04

cliff moshogininsKALAMAZOO,Mich. — Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act are revealing more about what happened leading up to the resignation of the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport Director.

Former Airport Director Cliff Moshoginis was accused of being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a staff member.

Moshoginis was also at the center of a harassment claim and investigation within Kalamazoo County involving that alleged inappropriate relationship with an employee.

His resignation was announced last week following a decision by the Kalamazoo Aeronautics Board of Trustees to discuss separation of employment in late September.

Documents show the county began investigating Moshoginis in late July of 2013.

July, 22, a letter was sent regarding harassment complaints. It was addressed by County Administrator Peter Battani, to Gill Collver, the Chair of the airport board.  It said, “There has been a complaint received under the County’s Rules of Conduct (7.01), Nepotism (7.02) and Anti-Harassment Policy (7.08) involving the Airport Department staff. We are required by the County’s Policy and by law to investigate these complaints. Kelly Ball, Interim Human Resources Director, along with our Labor Counsel firm, Cohl, Stoker and Toskey, will be conducting an investigation.”

Attached  were the rules and policies regarding “Nepotism” and Harassment.

September, 3, County Administrator Peter Battani sent out a letter to the board saying the county had investigated the claims and had, “several very serious concerns,” and that termination appeared to be the only option.

September, 4, County Attorney Thom Canny issued an email titled, “RE Harassment Investigation Report”. It said, “attached to this message is the preliminary report that Ms. Toskey has prepared in regards to her investigation of a complaint(s) lodged against Mr. Moshoginis.”

Moshoginis then was put on administrative leave following a board meeting September, 5.

September, 9, an email was sent from Kelly Ball to Gill Collver, the chair of the airport board, saying, “Our standard practice when an employee is on administrative leave or suspension pending the results of an investigation or disciplinary process, is to terminate their access to email, financials and any other systems they may have access to. As the supervisor, we are to notify you, that beginning Tuesday, September, 10th we will terminate Cliff’s access to the systems noted above.”

Documents show Moshoginis’ email access was terminated on September, 10.

September, 11, Gil Collver indicated through email he was preparing a special meeting of the board to deal with the personnel matter on September, 17.

On September, 12, documents indicated that officials had taken back possession of Moshoginis’ county cell phone, security badges, vehicle key FOB and desk and other keys related to work.

September, 14, Collver wrote to attorney Thom Canny, “Cliff has requested that the discussion of the harassment claim be held in executive session. Please prepare an appropriate motion.”

September, 17, Thom Canny, Corporation Counsel for the Airport Authority Board, confirmed that the board was working to end its employment relationship with Moshoginis.

The details of Moshoginis’ resignation were made public September, 25.

Resignation Agreement