‘Her Last Words Were to Her Mother and Sister’

Posted at 6:06 AM, Sep 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-23 06:49:47-04

muskegon shootingMUSKEGON, Mich. — As the investigation continues into a shooting that left three people dead on Sunday, witnesses and family members are talking about what happened, and about those who were killed.

The shooting incident happened Sunday at the Elks Charity Lodge on Ottawa Street just after 2:00 a.m.  Two of the three victims have been identified: 20-year-old Jacolby Brown and Dupree Barnes.  Jamila Griffen, a cousin of Brown’s, is devastated by the loss.

“I’d like him to be remembered for his spirit,” Griffen said.  “Fun-loving, athletic, very caring of his family, relatives, everybody around him.  He cared about everybody.”

A young woman was also killed in the incident.  Police say she was not only shot, but also run over by a vehicle attempting to drive away from the scene.  A witness at the scene held the victim until an ambulance arrived, and wanted to share her final words with the family.

“I just wanted her family to know that I stayed with until the ambulance came,” said the witness, who wishes to remain anonymous.  “Her last words were to her mother and sister that she loved them, because she knew she wasn’t okay.”

Police are still looking for the driver of the car that hit the woman.  There is surveillance video that investigators are reviewing.

As of now, there are no suspects in custody.  One person was arrested at the scene, but witnesses say it was a man who was crying and tried to run through the police perimeter to get to one of the victims.