Students Bypassing the Beaches to Restore the Shore

Posted at 10:43 PM, Mar 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-30 11:00:24-04

KENTWOOD, MI- It’s been nearly five months since Hurricane Sandy pounded the Caribbean and the United States. The destruction lasted several days, killing more than 280 people and affecting 24 states in the US alone.  The damage cost billions of dollars and the cleanup continues in most areas.

The devastation inspired 30 high school students in the Kentwood Community Church Youth Group to take action.  Saturday morning they begin their 12 hour drive for New Jersey.  Once they are there, they will sleep on a gym floor at a church and spend the week working to restore the shore.  The students plan to help with roofing, installing drywall and collecting belongings left in homes from displaced families.

The youth group pastor takes students to disaster areas every spring break and notices a change in them when they get back.  He says sometimes you need to leave the Grand Rapids Area and experience those less fortunate in order to come back and create change in your own community.