New Casino Hotel Opens In West Michigan

Posted at 6:28 PM, Dec 12, 2012

FireKeepers Casino Hotel held their ribbon cutting Wednesday to celebrate the opening of one of West Michigan’s newest hotels.

“We come here every week to gamble and have the buffet and it`s wonderful,” Dickey said.

Virginia Dickey considers herself a casino connoisseur and enjoys visiting FireKepeer Casino.  She was so excited to hear about the new hotel, that she made sure to get a room for the hotels first night.

“I think it`s beautiful, and a lovely addition and I think this is what they needed. When people go to the casino, they like to stay the night, they don`t like to come in and go out, because you can`t really relax,” Dickey said.

FireKeepers Casino began construction on the new Emmett Township hotel back in April of last year, with the goal of opening for businesses on 12-12-12. The hotel has 242 guest rooms, including an indoor pool and two presidential suites.

“People are still looking for entertainment value. Whether they might go to a ball game or a football game, they are still looking for entertainment even in a tough economy. They need that opportunity to escape and relax in an environment like this,” Homer A. Mandoka, Tribal Council Chairman said.

The new expansion also includes more gaming. Addition floor space accommodates an extra 2,900 additional slot machines.

The tribe says over the years, FireKeepers brought more jobs to the Battle Creek area and more cash.

“The money and the dollars and the jobs are staying here in Michigan, that`s what we are contributing to this economy,” Mandoka said.

If you want to stay at the hotel, a standard room will cost you about $160 a night.