Firearm Deer Season Goes Techy

Posted at 9:28 PM, Nov 13, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-14 15:30:18-05


It’s a hunting holiday.  Michigan’s firearm deer season kicks off on Thursday and hunters are eagerly stocking up on gear.

“Knives, ammo, and hunting clothing, everything for the season, said 20-year-old Spencer Curtis,  while checking out with friends at Gander Mountain in Grandville.

His group of guys is headed to the U.P. for some serious hunting and they need serious gear to do it.

“We are just out spending dad’s money,” said  Brant Mosoau from Grandville.

There is plenty to spend it on and it doesn’t appear the economy is holding anyone back this firearm season with stores packed with hunters in search of items.

“It’s one of those things as far as tradition is concerned that people are not willing to give up. Hunting is one of those things that guys will save up all year so that they can get their equipment and an opportunity to forget about the economy a little bit,” said Bob Schuitema with Gander Mountain.

Ladies are in this too with more and more gals taking up hunting.

“It’s my first year, I used to do it as a kid. This is something to get me out there and there is pink camo too,” laughs Elise Trim from Grand Rapids.

Newbies or veterans, West Michigan hunters are loading up on the usual guns and camo, along with high-tech gadgets.

The new trail cameras allow you to check your activity in the woods with a smart phone or have it sent to your e-mail at anytime.

“These things have increased in value since we started carrying them,  the technology itself has shot through the roof,” explained Bob Schuitema with Gander Mountain.

It gives hunters an advantage by sending them picture updates of their trail cam without actually having to check their camera itself. So they can see what their targets are doing.

“I have trail cameras out and it is like Christmas when you check it, from time to time you’ll see deer or bucks,” said Mike Morales from Hudsonville.

They cost between $80 to $300. There’s also new advances in GPS equipment aimed at making it safer and easier to navigate the hunt.

A lot of regular hunters say the whole point is to get away from all that technology.

“I just love being in the woods, the quiet solitude and something different from real life,” said Morales.