Excellence in Education: Stephanie Livingston

6:00 PM, Oct 25, 2022
7:16 PM, Oct 26, 2022
Excellence in Education: Stephanie Livingston

HASLETT, Mich. — Stephanie Livingston is being recognized for her Excellence in Education.

“I've seen her get students food, clothing, school supplies, shoes, eyeglasses, Chromebooks, anything they need to make sure that they have the tools to find success at school,” says Sean Barker, Livingston's nominator.

When asked why she goes above and beyond for her students, Stephanie replied, “Oh, because I do have to do them, because it matters. It matters. The students matter. Their voice matters. Their futures matter. And unless I help them, and unless we come together as a building team to help them, who knows what the future holds? It's so important to do these things.”

Stephanie has received a $1,500 check from the Michigan Lottery, and her class at Haslett High School will receive a $500 grant.

Is there an educator in your community who displays Excellence in Education? Click here to nominate them.

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