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COVID-19 public health order issued for city of Detroit

Posted at 3:25 PM, Oct 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-09 15:25:53-04

Citing uncertainty in Lansing, the City of Detroit's Chief Public Health Officer issued a COVID-19 public health order that reinstates aspects of emergency rulings previously issued by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer's emergency rulings were struck down by the Michigan Supreme Court.

“We have been in full support of the Governor’s orders and the steps she has taken to keep all Michiganders safe,” Mayor Mike Duggan said in a press release. “With the legal uncertainty in Lansing, we wanted clear guidelines for Detroiters based on clear legal grounds. Whether you’re going to the store, work or school, a restaurant or larger gathering, the Detroit Health Department order provides certainty and provides continuity with the Governor’s orders.

The new order, which takes effect immediately, tracks nearly identically to the Governor’s orders to provide consistency and will be amended to stay consistent with any changes the Governor may issue. The complete order can be found on

  • Face coverings - The order requires that appropriate face coverings must be worn at indoor and outdoor gatherings, and where that is not possible, social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained. Masks must be worn when using buses or other forms of public transportation
  • DDOT - Clear direction for passengers: No mask, no ride
  • Bars/restaurants/casinos – The order states capacity limitations, social distancing and mask requirements for all patrons and employees. The order also stipulates that business owners must provide access to public health inspectors upon request
  • Gatherings – The order provides allowable gathering sizes, social distancing and mask requirements
  • Workplaces – The order provides masks must be worn, social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained, COVID-19 preparedness and response plans must be developed and remote work should be performed when possible
  • Schools – The order requires K-12 schools to publicly disclose any probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases on their website within 24 hours of learning of the cases
  • Other Public Accommodations – Under the order, bowling alleys, theaters, gyms and other venues are allowed to operate so long as they comply with the rules for workplaces and gatherings

Fair said the order will remain in effect until she certifies that the epidemic has sufficiently abated.

The press conference will take place at the Detroit Public Safety headquarters on Third Ave.