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Prosecutor: No charges for officer accused of kicking opossum

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Posted at 1:07 PM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 13:09:39-04

LOWELL, Mich. — A Lowell police officer accused of animal cruelty after moving two opossums out of the roadway will not face any charges.

The incident happened Wednesday around midnight along Alden Nash Avenue.

Body camera footage of the incident shared with FOX 17 shows the interaction between the officer and resident Zachary Meyers, the man who filed the complaint against him.

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Meyers claimed the officer used multiple slurs during the incident and also kicked one of the opossums so hard that it flew "10 feet from the middle of the road to the grass."

However, the Kent County prosecutor says the officer didn't make any of the alleged comments, adding he only used the side of his foot to move one of the possums and it was not a hard strike.

He also picked the other opossum up by the tail and threw it off the side of the road and into the grass.

The case was also reviewed for the possibility of filing a false report, but the county prosecutor ruled there is no basis for that charge either.

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