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“Share A Legend” campaign inspires others to share stories of triumph and inspiration

Posted at 11:50 AM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 11:50:41-04

Sharing a cold brew often comes with great stories to follow. New Holland Brewing Company recognizes this, launching a new campaign called "Share A Legend," where they'll be sharing the inspiring stories of real people in the West Michigan community.

"Share A Legend" is an open-ended storytelling project that invites fans of New Holland brews to share their stories of triumph, goodness of humankind, or someone who's inspired them. The goal is to cultivate meaningful stories and form a community and belonging through storytelling.

The campaign stems from the legend of their famous Dragon's Milk, celebrating the timeless brew that was shared among friends telling each other stories, when it was first bottled 17 years ago.

Throughout this campaign, the brewery will release the legends of six real people who fall into different archetypes like Warrior, Huntress, Smith, Poet, Alchemist, and Performer.

To go along with the campaign, New Holland Brewing will be hosting a live event to give the community a chance to share their stories while having a Dragon's Milk. On October 19, Glynn Washington, the host of the popular radio show and podcast "Snap Judgement", will emcee a night of storytelling at The Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids.

Anyone can be a narrator by submitting their stories online for a chance to share their tale with the audience at this event. Submissions will be accepted through October 12, and storytellers will be notified by October 15 whether or not they'll be sharing their story at the event.

"Share a Legend" storytelling event will take place at The Knickerbocker on October 19. The doors open at 6 and storytelling starts at 7 p.m.

Tickets are limited for this event, and are available at