Former Governor John Engler to lead Michigan State, Causing Reaction

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 18:48:59-05

A unanimous decision to bring former Michigan governor John Engler in to 'right the ship' at Michigan state university.

The latest development in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal, The once renowned doctor... now convicted pedophile... also appearing in an eaton county courtroom today for another sentencing hearing.

That unanimous vote to bring Mr. Engler on board is causing heated reaction on campus... with some students protesting the vote and a faculty liaison calling for the entire board of trustees to resign...

"These Board of Trustees do not speak on behalf of students, staff, or faculty at Michigan state," says protesting student.

One of many negative reactions to Michigan state university's board of trustees unanimously voting former governor, John Engler, as Interim President.

That vote coming after former president Lou Ann Simon's resignation in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal.

"I was never surprised because I've been on this board a long time and we've never acted in a partisan way. We get elected based upon what party we're in, but after that, Michigan State is first," says Trustee Joel I. Ferguson, Vice Chairman.

But, by electing Engler, some students and faculty say the board isn't putting the university first.

"Our initial efforts have been forted by my opinion and entrenched administrative structure that has placed political expediency and institutional branding above the need to regain the trust of the greater MSU community and to promote the healing of those who suffered at the hands of a sexual predator, such as Larry Nassar," says Laura McCabe, Ph.D., Board Faculty Representative.

In a private meeting between board members... some faculty expressed that placing Engler as interim president was not only a bad decision, but a hasty one.

"We suggested that a month longer even semester long process be undertaken to hire an interim president so that all members of the MSU community, from undergrads students to grad students to staff to faculty to deans could provide input and guidance in a transparent fashion to the Board of Trustees," says Dr. McCabe.

The faculty liaison says that with the passing of this vote, MSU faculty will be asked to call for the resignation of the entire board of trustees.. with a vote possible at the next senate faculty meeting.

As of now, Engler will take Simon's place in the coming days.

Engler says he already has plans to change the smear that Nassar has left on the university's name...moving the university forward.

"I understand the concern and uncertainty as well as the frustration and anger, to those parents be assured that I will move forward as if my own daughters were on this campus, and will treat every survivor and every student as my own daughter," says MSU Interim President, John Engler.

When students tried to asked the former Governor if he would attend a town hall within the next week with the board he immediately said “No”.​

A town hall with one of MSU Trustee's is scheduled for tomorrow night at the Kellogg center and a general student governor meeting will also be held tomorrow night at the international center.​