‘It’s a good start;’ Breaking down Snyder’s road repair funding boost

Posted at 6:39 PM, May 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-21 18:39:13-04

WEST MICHIGAN -- Earlier this week, Governor Snyder proposed allocating an additional $400 million in the 2016 budget to road and bridge repair.

Of the $400 million, eight counties in West Michigan will split a total of $10 million. That's according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

"We appreciate the focus on transportation investment," Roger Safford, an engineer with MDOT said.

Safford said $140 million is needed to match and keep federal dollars on the table.

That leaves $260 million to distribute at the state and local levels.

"That break down would be roughly at about 100 million or so for MDOT and then around 150, 160 million for local governments," Safford explained.

Counties, cities, towns, and villages would split the $160 million. This comes on the heels of a failed ballot proposal to raise $1.2 billion dollars for road repair by raising the state sales tax one-percent. The initiate failed earlier this month.

The governor's funding boost is a smaller, temporary fix, but most drivers might agree that the state's roads and bridges need every dollar they can get.

Safford said, "It's a good start. It's something I'm sure that the agencies will appreciate."