Lake Superior Breaking Records With Spring Ice Coverage

Posted at 7:58 AM, Jun 01, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-01 07:58:49-04

Lake Superior May, 31th 2014 Image Courtesy: @LAKSuperiorFoto

LAKE SUPERIOR — (June 1, 2014) June 1st marks the first day of Meteorological Summer but this year it also marks one of the latest days that Lake Superior recorded over one percent ice coverage.

The last day of May recorded 1.92 percent ice coverage in Lake Superior, so as long as the official recording for June 1st which will be released on Monday is more than 1 percent Lake Superior will be setting a record. In comparison, parts of Lake Erie reached near 70 degrees this week.

Ice coverage will likely not last much longer as air temperatures are warming in the Northern Great Lakes. The last time ice was reported in late spring was May 29th 2003.