Michigan vs. Illinois: A Jury May Decide Which Has the Real ‘Rockford Brewing Company’

Posted at 4:28 PM, Jan 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-30 16:29:39-05

File photo from Wikimedia Commons

ROCKFORD, Mich. -A controversy is brewing between two cities named Rockford.  A federal complaint has been filed pitting the Rockford Brewing Company in Michigan against the Rockford Brewing Company Illinois.

A request for a trial by jury was filed by the Illinois brewing company on Jan. 13 in an Illinois federal court.

The basis of the complaint, according to court documents, states that the Michigan-based company has demanded in writing that Rockford Brewing Company in Illinois change its name or risk legal action being taken.

The Illinois Rockford Brewing Company responded by requesting a jury be the deciding factor of who the name belongs to.

According to the complaint the Illinois-based company stated its commercial ancestry dates back to 1849.

However, Rockford Brewing Company in Michigan states in a letter from November that their company acquired the rights and trademarks for the logo and thus has the legal rights over the name.

We attempted to speak with the co-owner of the Rockford Brewing Company of Michigan who stated at the advice of his attorney he is waiting to comment further at this time.